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Farmall/ih 806 tractor rear hydraulic pump schematic

Article Sent By: (Joseph Welch)
Joseph Welch is presenting: Farmall/ih 806 tractor rear hydraulic pump schematic
We are offering one photo copy of the Farmall/IH 806 main rear hydraulic power supply pump schematic drawings. The 806 has 4 possible hydraulic pump configurations and this copy has an exploded view of all 4 pumps with the numbered parts. These pumps don't often go bad, but they can be pulled out and repaired. The 3 point went out on our 806 and we didn't know that there were 4 possible pump configurations, and the pump we had wasn't easy to repair without a schematic drawing. Over the years we have made copies of our original 806 operator' manual which details operation, maintenance and lubrication and sold them for $50.00 each. However, as detailed as the operator's manual is, there isn't enough information in it to repair the main hydraulic pump. We got lucky and located a schematic that gave us the information that we needed to make the repairs.
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