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Jrc nrd-535D hf receiver

Article Sent By: (Gilbert Mcpherson)
Gilbert Mcpherson is presenting: Jrc nrd-535D hf receiver
One JRC 535D HF Receiver. Unit is in great shape with the number one rubed off on the keypad, otherwise the unit wors great and is the desirable "D" Model.
The Japan Radio Company NRD-535 affords general coverage reception from 90 to 30000 kHz in AM, USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, FAX and narrow FM modes. A triple conversion superheterodyne circuit is employed to provide superb sensitivity and image rejection. Japan Radio has designed a special high-speed 1 Hz step PLL synthesizer to provide you with 1 Hz tuning resolution never before available. Display resolution is 10 Hz via a gorgeous display. A sophisticated 200 channel non-volatile scanning memory stores frequency, mode, AGC, ATT and IF filter selection. Channels can be scanned at a user-defined rate (.5 to 5 seconds/channel). Sweep reception can be adjusted from .05 to .5 seconds/step. Japan Radio's reputation for extreme stability continues with only ± 2 PPM drift (after 1 hour) making the NRD-535 the inevitable choice for the demanding non-voice modes such as Morse code, RTTY and FAX. Four independent filter positions are available. The WIDE position features a 4 kHz (@ -6dB) filter. The INTERmediate position features a 2 kHz (@ -6dB) filter. The NARRow and AUXiliary positions are not filled. (An empty AUX position results in a +12 kHz bandwidth). The AUXiliary positions can be used to mount optional filters. Any filter may be used with any mode (except FM). This is an exceptional feature that provides listener flexibility. The keypad features both MHz and kHz input. The dual-width noise blanker can be used to reduce or eliminate pulse noise (like auto ignition or the "woodpecker"). Other front panel controls include: SQUELCH, AF and RF GAIN and TONE. An AGC button permits the selection of AGC FAST, SLOW or OFF. The DIMMER button offers four brightness display levels. A built-in 24 hour clock timer is provided. The TIMER permits unattended listening/recording. The receiver can be programmed to be turned on at a particular time (on a set frequency, mode, bandwidth, etc.) and then turn off at a programmed time. A timer-out terminal connection is provided on the back panel of the set to activate a tape recorder. The NRD-535 contains a built-in RS-232 computer interface. There are antenna inputs for wire or coax fed. The AC input voltage is user selectable.
The NRD-535 offers Pass Band Shift (PBS). This effective control varies the apparent intermediate frequency for the IF filter by ± 1 kHz without changing the receiving frequency. This is a powerful means of eliminating or reducing troublesome adjacent channel interference. Because of the overcrowded nature of today's HF spectrum, annoying heterodynes can be found with increasing regularity. The Notch Control permits the listener to go into the signal and sharply "slice-out" the offending tone with very little loss in fidelity to the desired station. Notch attenuation is -40 dB or more.
The Japan Radio NRD-535DB includes the: CFL-243, CMF-78 and CFL-233 factory installed. Wih the improved CFL-243 Bandwidth Control Option. You can adjust this control to narrow the 2 kHz filter or the 4 kHz filter in 10 Hz steps without varying its center frequency, ensuring effective interference rejection. This control functions in the SSB/CW and AM modes. It is a powerful tool to extract a desired signal from the crowded passband. Perhaps the most exciting feature in the NRD-535D is the CMF-78 Exalted Carrier Selectable Sideband (ECSS) circuit. Often when receiving an AM signal you will encounter interference from an adjacent station. The interference will manifest itself on either the upper or lower sideband of the signal you are trying to hear. The ECSS feature will select the sideband that is not affected and deliver the signal to you with high tonal quality. The D model also includes the CFL-233 1000 Hz Filter, popular with RTTY enthusiasts.
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