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Wood planer woodmaster 718 18"

Article Sent By: (Elva Reeves)
Elva Reeves is presenting: Wood planer woodmaster 718 18"
(FROM WOODMASTER) Only Woodmaster Combines these Crucial Features in One Rugged Machine:
Variable Feed Rate: Just a twist of the dial puts twice as many cuts-per-inch at your fingertips as any comparable planer - from 70 to over 1,000 CPI! Heavy duty machine sails through even the toughest oak at higher speeds, or you can slow it down to handle those "hard to work" pieces like curly maple, knotty cedar, burls, knees and much more! A valuable feature for molding work, where detailed or deep profiles require high cuts-per-inch.
High-Production Molding Feature: Woodmaster’s powerful motor and variable feed system let you cut even the deepest patterns – log siding, crown, casing – in a single pass! Compare Woodmaster’s 1 1/8” molding depth to other machines that require multiple passes for even the simplest patterns.
Powerful Planer with Quick-Change Morse-Taper Cutterhead: Machined from a solid block of steel, this massive planer head has plenty of "umph" to power through even the toughest rough-cut lumber. Take off as much as 3/16” in a single pass. Patented morse-taper design head lets you change features in just minutes!
Time-Saving Gang Rip Saw Attachment: Turns your Woodmaster into a power-feed, single or multi-blade ripsaw. Lets you rip with power feed in a fraction of the time it takes for hand-fed passes on a table saw. Perfect for sizing blank molding stock, facing frames, rail & stile work … and much, much more.
Labor-Saving Drum Sander Attachment: Because stock is power-fed at an even rate you’ll get a finish impossible to duplicate with hand methods or hand-held sanders. No more waves or “low spots.”
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