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Like new sokkia SDR31 640K data collector perfect cond.

Article Sent By: (Luisa Ayers)
Luisa Ayers is presenting: Like new sokkia SDR31 640K data collector perfect cond.
SDR31 EXPERT VERSION: The SDR31 is another in the rugged and dependable line of SDR data collectors from Sokkia. Weighing in at less than a pound, the SDR31 is a cost-effective and comfortable, lightweight alternative to the larger SDR33 without sacrificing features. The SDR31 uses the same Easy-to-Navigage Menu System found in its big brother, the SDR33. In fact, if you've ever used an SDR33, then you already know how to use the SDR31. The SDR31 does not meet the same specifications as the SDR33 for resistance to windblown rain and dust and temperature extremes found in the most harsh environments, but it is still a very durable and rugged data collector and can withstand a 4.5-ft. drop to concrete. The expert version adds the functionality to collect data from digital levels as well as total stations and provides extensive routines for road stakeout. If you've always wanted the proven reliablility of a Sokkia SDR data collector; but could not justify the extra cost for the ruggedness and expanded memory capacity of the SDR33, then the SDR31 may be the perfect data collector for you.
640K MEMORY: With the 640K model, you can store approximately 2,000 points. This is my least-expensive data collector. You should download the data collected each day and 2000 points is more than enough to store a day or 2 of topo work. If you need extra storage space to be able to keep multiple stakeout jobs stored in memory for quick access, please see my other products. But if you are looking for a low-cost solution, the 640K SDR31 may be right for you.
COMPATIBILITY: The SDR31 includes an instrument cable which works with Sokkia total stations and digital levels and Topcon total stations right out of the box. If you're using any of the Sokkia SET Total Stations, you can be certain that the SDR31 and SDR33 are the best choices for a data collector to use with your SET instrument. With the addition of an adaptor cable (not included) the SDR31 can be used with other total stations from a wide variety of manufacturers. The firmware in the SDR31 lists the following choices of instruments in addition to the Sokkia Instruments:
Zeiss: Elta 2/3, Elta 46R, Elta RL, Elta 50, DiNi 10/20 digital level
Topcon: GTS/ET1/ET2, GTS-3, GTS300 (The adaptor cable for the older-model Topcons without RS-232 Serial communications is no longer available from Sokkia. A third-party solution is available but the cost is prohibitive)
Wild: T1000, T1000+DI, T1600, T1600+DI, T2000, T2000+DI, T1010/1610, T1010/1610+DI, TCA110, TC/TCM series, NA2000/3000 digital level
Nikon: A-series, D-50 (The SDR33 will not work with the older-model DTM-1 and DTM-5 total stations due to them not having RS-232 compliant communications. If your Nikon total station has a 5-pin data-out port, it will not work with the SDR33. If it has a 6-pin data-out port, it should work with the SDR33 and the required adaptor cable available from Sokkia)
Physical and Environmental Characteristics:
Dimensions: 7.38 in. L x 3.0 in. W x 1.9 in. D
Weight: 15.5 oz. (44 grams) including battery.
Power: Disposable; 9 volt alkaline
Back-up power - Supercapacitor backup for battery replacement only
ESD: 15 kV electrostatic discharge to all surfaces without loss of of data in RAM memory
Drop: Withstands up to 4.5-foot drop to concrete
Environmental: Sealed against wind-blown dust and rain.
Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
Operating Temperature: 32°F to 104° F (0°C to 40° C)
Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140° F (-20°C to 60° C)
Microprocessor: 16-bit 80c88 type (8 MHz/V25)
ROM: System EPROM 128 KB (operating system of DOS, BIOS, and terminal diagnostics)
Non-Volatile Memory: 256K for program storage in a protected area
RAM Memory: Up to 1 MB for data and /or program storage (640K or 1MB)
Keyboard: 46-key conductive rubber with 2 side triggers.
Display: 8-line by 20 characters. FSTN Film Super Twist Neumatic (LCD, backlight, reverse video, double-high and double-wide characters) backlit display with high resolution and a software controllable viewing angle.
Real-Time Clock: Time and date stamping under software control
Interface Ports Top: DE9 with TTL (adaptor for limited RS232)
Bottom: RJ41 with full RS232 (ten pin)
Installed memory: 640K (Approx. 2,000 observations)
Installed software: Ver. 04-04.27 Expert
The data collector is: very gently used and in perfect, like-new condition.
The main battery is: BRAND NEW(standard 9-volt Alkaline battery
The data transfer cable is: BRAND NEW (not o.e.m. - allows data transfer between 10-pin bottom port on SDR31 and 9-pin serial port on PC) (Data transer cable may differ in brand and appearance from that shown in photographs). Please ask me if your PC does not have a serial port. There are USB-to-Serial adaptors available which will allow you to use the SDR33 with a newer PC or notebook computer which does not have serial ports.
1. Prolink software for uploading/downloading data from the SDR31 to a PC.
2. Reference material for Basic, Advanced, and Roading operation.
3. Over 1,000 pages of documentation.
4. Over 60 megabytes of software and information you won't find anywhere else.
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Like new sokkia SDR31 640K data collector perfect cond. Like new sokkia SDR31 640K data collector perfect cond. Like new sokkia SDR31 640K data collector perfect cond. Like new sokkia SDR31 640K data collector perfect cond. Like new sokkia SDR31 640K data collector perfect cond. Like new sokkia SDR31 640K data collector perfect cond.