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Steel house with porch garage shop metal building kit

Article Sent By: (George Roman)
George Roman is presenting: Steel house with porch garage shop metal building kit
Over 150,000 Quality Outback Buildings sold World-Wide
Pictured is an all galvanized building, 40 feet by 20 feet with 8.5 ft high sidewalls and a 20 ft porch that’s 4 feet deep!!
The roofing is 29 gauge classic rib with 29 gauge vertical classic rib used for the walls. Both have a 45-year paint warranty called “Colorfast 45”, the best in the industry. It is engineered for 20 lb snow loads and 85 mph wind according to IBC codes, B exposure.
• All galvanized steel framing of 16-11 gauge (not just 20-22 gauge as others use) - columns, rafters, purlins, girts, including porch.
• All sheeting for roof and walls available in colors.
• Two Clopay 8' x 7 ' sectional garage doors with trim.
• One 3 ft entrance door frame and trim.
• Two 3' x 4' window frames with trim.
• All long-life (60 year) fasteners (better than stainless steel) - bolts, brackets, colored screws (no nails), socket for colored screws.
• All matching sealing strips to keep everything out, like mice and bugs.
• All galvanized and painted flashings, trim, ridge caps, and channel to keep rain out.
• All galvanized anchor bolts along with the drill bit needed to drill into your DRY cement.
• 2 sets of custom and wet-stamped engineered plans for your state, including foundation drawings. No one else provides your custom foundation plans.
• Detailed instruction manual for the building and porch.
The building will be delivered to your site for only $250. All framing parts are cut and punched as per the plans, ready to be bolted together. The girts and purlins are delivered in the correct sizes and use self-tapping tek screws. The roof and wall sheeting is also cut to size, with minimal trimming required around windows, entry doors, and gable ends. No welding is needed. No crane is needed. No special tools are needed.
You get one of our instruction manuals free with your building purchase. We don't make it our business to sell the instructions. Our multi-faceted manuals explain every possible detail, even what simple tools you'll need before you get started.
1. ALL GALVANIZED steel construction, not just the purlins and girts, but the whole frame is galvanized steel!! NO I-beams with red oxide primer that needs to be painted forever. You NEVER need to paint any part of our buildings. You don't need to do any welding. You don't need cranes. There's no maintenance.
2. No Trusses - more available interior space - stronger construction - much higher snow/wind loads.
3. No Interior columns - most buildings, more un-obstructed interior space
4. 60 year warranty on all our fasteners. Our roof fasteners are patented - eliminate roof leaks - better and stronger than stainless steel.
5. No rotting wood in or on the ground, no termites, no painting.
6. All steel, doors, and insulation made in America-100%
7. 45 year warranty on all roofing, siding, and trim. 25 years on Galvalume. The best anywhere.
8. All buildings supplied with wet stamped engineered plans for your building and your foundation! You don't need to hire another engineer.
9. All buildings supplied with a detailed assembly manual - don't pay others for instructions.
12. Highest fireproof ratings in the steel building industry.
13. We are Better Business Bureau members.
Our kits do not include the plywood and nails needed for any second story flooring, the concrete for the footings and/or slabs, or the erection of the building.
Our steel building technology began in Australia where galvanized steel construction is most common, even for homes. Now it's available here in the U.S. with all American made materials, and designed and engineered by Americans.
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Steel house with porch garage shop metal building kit Steel house with porch garage shop metal building kit Steel house with porch garage shop metal building kit