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Rain bird rainbird ESP16 esp 16 - lx plus irrigation

Article Sent By: (Miriam Porter)
Miriam Porter is presenting: Rain bird rainbird ESP16 esp 16 - lx plus irrigation
? ESP: Extra-Simple Programming with self-prompting large
alphanumeric LCD display makes this controller easy to program,
? Multiple levels of surge protection make the controller reliable and
robust under extreme field conditions.
? Rapid Station Test Routine (RASTERâ„¢) enables the controller to
diagnose and troubleshoot field wiring and solenoid problems
•Four independent programs (A-, B-, C-, and D-drip), with six start
times each, allow mixed irrigation applications in a single controller
•365-day calendar with leap year intelligence for one-time date and
•Non-volatile program memory maintains user’s program during
a power outage independent of the battery backup.
•Removable, battery-programmable panel for the convenience of
both programming instruction and programming prior to installation
•Four cycle modes (CUSTOM, CYCLICAL, ODD, or EVEN) selectable
for each program for maximum flexibility
•Event-Day-Off option to set any day of the month as a non-watering
day for all programs accommodates special occasions and special
watering ordinances (with permanent off option for 31st day of the
•Programmable Delay-Between-Stations (0 seconds to 9 hours)
provides time for water well recovery or time for slow-closing valves
•Start time stacking prevents hydraulic overload
•Variable test program for system operational testing
•Water budgeting by program from 0 to 300% in 1% increments makes
seasonal adjustments quick and easy
•Programmable rain delay enables system to stay off for specified
•Sensor inputs and override switch with LED indicate when irrigation
•Master valve/pump start circuit, programmable by station, for
•D-drip program can run simultaneously with program A, B or C to
maximize hydraulic capacity and minimize watering time
•Diagnostic circuit breaker and LED fault indicator identify electrical
shorts, skip shorted stations, and continue irrigation cycle
•Battery recharging circuit maintains fully charged Ni-Cad backup
battery (included) to keep current time and date during a power
•Heavy-duty 1.25A external, plug-in style transformer on the
ESP-LXi Plus indoor version provides convenient installation
•Includes easy-to-mount, heavy-duty plastic cabinet with key-lockable
door and swing-out, quick release face panel, as well as all internal
wiring (no junction box needed), for clean-looking,
•UL and cUL listed; CE, and C-Tick approved
•Special Fuse Circuitry detects and displays when a fuse has blown
makes this controller easy to program and understand
•Station timing: 0 to 12 hours for all stations (0 to 16 hours with water
budgeting); 0 to 120 minutes selectable in 1-minute incre-ments;
above 120 minutes selectable in 10-minute increments
•Automatic starts: 6 starts per day for each program, available
on the quarter hour (total of 24 start times)
•Independent program schedule options:
• ODD day watering (per program)
• EVEN day watering (per program)
• CYCLICAL (1 to 31 days, variable per program)
• CUSTOM (weekly schedule variable per program)
•Input required: 117VAC ± 10%, 60Hz (International models
•Diagnostic circuit breaker skips and indicates stations with
overloaded circuits and continues to run operable stations
•Overload, backup fuse: 1.5A SLO-BLO
•Battery backup: 9V Ni-Cad rechargeable battery (included) for
programming under battery power and maintaining current time
•Station Capacity: Up to two 24VAC, 7VA solenoid valves per station
plus a master valve or pump start relay
•Terminal strips for up to #12UF wire
•Electrical surge protection: Primary input side has built-in MOV
(metal oxide varistor) to protect microcircuitry; output side has
two built-in MOVs and one inductor for each valve station
•ESP-16LX Plus: 16 stations, indoor/outdoor*
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Rain bird rainbird ESP16 esp 16 - lx plus irrigation Rain bird rainbird ESP16 esp 16 - lx plus irrigation Rain bird rainbird ESP16 esp 16 - lx plus irrigation Rain bird rainbird ESP16 esp 16 - lx plus irrigation Rain bird rainbird ESP16 esp 16 - lx plus irrigation Rain bird rainbird ESP16 esp 16 - lx plus irrigation